Monday, June 18, 2012

Quick Mix

I am all about convince in the summer's a busy time but I still want my kids to eat healthy.  I have been looking up recipes online trying to find some quick and easy meal ideas and I came across the Utah Extension Centers website and found this booklet here. This is the basic recipe for the mix then they have about 40 more pages of how to use it, great resource!  I think I am most excited about the breakfast uses!  My kids love waffles but the mixing and measuring every morning sometimes is a pain! 
Why is it better to use homemade mixes? We'll let the Extension Center answer that...
(As a side note, I used white wheat flour, just to add a little more nutrition to it! I like the white whole wheat because it's still light like bleached white flour but much healthier and the kiddos don't have any idea!! I'm so sneaky!)

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  1. If I figured this out right...this costs less then $10 to make...and it makes about 30 cups of mix so that 10 that's less than a $1 a batch!!!