Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shake 'N' Pour Pancakes

I'm pretty sure, well almost positive...90% sure, I AM a genius! I made this Quick Mix
then decided it would be cool to make my very own Shake 'N' Pour bottles for really quick mornings for for camping (who want to do dishes when you go camping? Not this girl!)  This would be perfect!  Have you ever seen the Shake 'N' Pour bottles of pancakes in the store? Anyone know how much they are!?  Well I don't because they are too spendy for me to buy (I'm a cheapskate)!! Well here is your cheapskate alternative!

DIY Shake 'N' Pour Pancakes
2 cup of Quick Mix  
1 Tblsp. Powered eggs
1/2 tsp. Sugar 

Then on camping morning...just add 1 1/4 Cup Water!  
Can you say easy peasy?!

You are welcome!

This mornings breakfast turned out yummy...and took me 2 seconds to make!
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  1. So this has vegetable shortening already mixed in?

    1. Yes the quick mix has shortening in just cut it in to the flour mixture until it's all mixed in!