Friday, August 3, 2012

Oregon Strawberries+THRIVE Raspberries=Goodness

There are a few things I really look forward to in an Oregon summer. The first of course is seeing the sun...ahhh...the glorious sunshine. But the other is the berries!  My kids are real champs at picking berries (thank goodness for helpers). Every year we do strawberry freezer jam, this year I wondered how it would taste if I added a handful of THRIVE Raspberries! My oh my, can you say GOODness!!
Just after this picture she dumped her bucket and stepped on all the strawberries because "she didn't want strawberries anymore!" it's a good thing she's cute...
Freezer jam tends to be a little on the runny side, but adding the freeze dried berries thickened it right up. Here's what I did: I used Ball Instant Pectin Flex Pack (it's my favorite because it's no cook (hence the instant), it comes in a big jar so you can make as much or as little of jam you want. I throw my washed whole strawberries, sugar and pectin in my food processor for 3 mins and then dump it in my jars!  Really it can't get any easier.  Seriously!!) and in each quart size jar I added maybe 3/4 cup THRIVE freeze dried raspberries. Easy as that!
I eat by the spoonfuls, no joke, really I's that good!!

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