Monday, October 1, 2012

October Specials

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I have used the Cheese (love it, it does actually melt!), the Onions (they are great in salsa, soups and chicken salad), the Green Chili Peppers (I'll never buy canned ones from the grocery store again!!) and the Mushrooms.  It might be a tie between Chilli Peppers and Mushrooms but maybe Mushrooms are my favorite product right now because my family doesn't like mushrooms so I never use them, however I LOVE them. Now I have been able to add a handful to my portion of my stroganoff or my section of's great :)!
The Packs are another great was to save money and with them on special this month it makes them an even a greater bargain...who doesn't love a bargain!?!?
Be sure to add any of the above items to your THRIVE Q to save you some money. Or Email, call or text me if you would like to place an order or sign up for the THRIVE Q.

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