Friday, November 9, 2012

12 Days of Christmas, Food Storage Style...

I read the most fabulous idea the other day...

12 Days of Christmas, Food Storage Style!  

I love it! I am a practical person, I love practical gifts and this would be on the top of my most favorites to receive! It's something my whole family can use, it's fast, it's convenient it's healthy...need I say more!?!?! I think NOT!

I found these printables on this Prepared NOT Scared  blog and you too can print them for FREE right here.

I decided to price it all out...and I had to get a little creative on some of the items because Shelf Reliance doesn't sell all the things she put on here but pricing it out, it would be $691.31 (price subject to change based on your food choices, sales and specials).  That gives you, 

58 #10 sized cans making them only $11.91 per can...NOT TOO SHABBY!!  
It can be totally customizable, for example on the first day of Christmas you give (or get :)!!!) "something sweet, APPLE SLICES, that make your day complete"...well I picked Fuji (they are my ALL time favorite!!) but maybe you want Granny Smiths? And on day 8, you'll give (or receive!!) "8 cans of wheat, because you are so neat!"  I priced white wheat, maybe you would rather do red or maybe just wheat flour..Like I said, totally customizable!

What's on your wish list this year?

12 Days of Christmas, Food Storage Style?

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