Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Count Down to Black Friday: Day 2

Protein...protein is an important part of life.  Protein is what helps us stay strong, it gives us much needed energy.  Meat, beans and eggs are all great sources of protein.  Meat and eggs are sometime hard to store in large amounts and if you do have large quantities, it takes up a lot of freezer or refrigerator space!

The great thing about THRIVE meats is that it stores great and it tastes great, my pickiest eater (my husband!!) likes the meat.  He is always telling people to put the chicken in their mouth not-reconstituted and just let it reconstitute on their tongue...he thinks it's the coolest magic trick...because yes, after a minute that cardboard looking thing turns to real feeling and tasting chicken right on your tongue. Again, it's the little things in life that make us happy :)!!

There are lots of packaged deals on meat if your looking for a deal on meat...

But maybe you don't need a dozen cans of powdered eggs or dozen cans of chicken.  You can split a pack with friends.  My friends and I just split the eggs, I needed a few more, my mom need a couple and other friends needed we ordered a 3, 12 packs and divided them all up!

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