Monday, November 19, 2012

Count Down to Black Friday: Day 4 **HOLY MOLY**

Where to start, I know it's all over whelming, we buy this stuff but we want to rotate it.  We want to make sure the oldest products go to the back!! How do we do this you ask?!
It's easy and have I got a deal for sister in law is making fun of me right now because I am so excited about this deal! I guess I have already been doing this too long?!  It's the little things in life I tell ya...

Harvest 72” #10 (which just means, it only hold #10 sized cans! cans not included)
 These wheels are sold separately!! They do not come with this unit!

Promo starts today and will end on December 16th at Midnight or while supplies last.
*The Harvest 72” #10 is not available in Canada or Puerto Rico. To get the promo price, orders for this item must be done through a ME ONLY! any Shelf Reliance Consultant!

Retail: $459.99
HP Price: $264.99 (what I paid! Insert mad face!)

**Promo Price: $229.00**

Height 72"
Depth 24.5"
Width 36.5"

I love my Harvest 72" #10, it makes my closet look so much better, it's so organized.  And it even comes with cute little magnetic labels to put on the shelves...seriously, this is exciting!

Do you need a good deal on some cans to fill it!?  Here is another screamin' deal they released today...I swear, they're pulling out the big guns today! I emailed them a week ago to inform them our price was higher than Costco's, they emailed me today with this:

1-Year 1-Person Pack
Costco Price: $1,199.99
HP Price: $1,403.62
**Promo Price: $1,119.99**
Promo starts today and will end on December 16th at Midnight or while supplies last.
*This is a Costco match package.  (Which just means, we are beating Costco's price, cuz that's what we do, we guarantee to always beat their price :) Bazinga!) This match package is not available in Canada :(  But this package is available in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

This pack contains 120 #10 cans. That's 9,687 servings...
As you see in this picture the price is $1403.62...That's the Home Party price, $1,119 is TODAY'S Price!

 Of course I'm going to do the math for you...that's less than .12 per serving!! 

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