Sunday, November 18, 2012

Count down to Black Friday: Day 5

The mini series on where to start: Stocking Stuffers:

$1.57 Shelf Reliance whistle is a key chain so you will not have to worry about leaving it behind. Having it on your keys also makes it quickly accessible for a time sensitive emergency. Its loud whistle provides a loud communication signal perfect for any emergency. Keep this on your keys or attached to your backpack.
$3.95 Eight-in-one tool is a must have for outdoor trips. It is the size of a credit card so you'll be able to carry it in your wallet anywhere you go. This tool features a three socket wrench, bottle opener, can opener, small blade with saw, plated screwdriver, standard and Phillips screwdrivers, and a small ruler. Whatever the situation or need, this tool is sure to do the job.

$2.47 Fresh & Go Toothbrush: Is it weird that is is my favorite thing? I don't know why I love these toothbrushes but I think they are pretty cool!  You turn the little dial and out come toothpaste right on to the doesn't get cooler then that!! Great for your kids backpacks on those mornings they forget to brush their teeth! Or to take camping...

$29.69 $14.99 on BLACK FRIDAY  Water filtration bottle provides clean drinking water on the go. It filters up to 100 gallons of drinking water. Designed for travel, camping, and active lifestyles this bottle comes with its own handy tote for attaching to other bags or luggage. A water filtration bottle is essential for emergencies, earthquakes, floods, fires and other catastrophes.

$7.41 Sportsman Cap Headlight: This summer I had to buy all my kids headlamps for camping!!  They love them.  I don't what it is about headlamp but kids think they are really cool!

$12.49 (until December 1st) Syechelle Water Filtration Straw The Seychelle Pure Water Straw with Advanced filter is a technological breakthrough in water filtration for people on the go - anywhere, anytime! Just hang it on your back pack and you've got 25 gallons of water filtration!  It removes 99.99% of bacteria, virus and contaminants found in water.
$17.99 Light My Fire Meal Kit. It's a bowl, no its a thermos, no it's a strainer, no it's a's everything! It's has everything you would need to eat a meal and it's dishwasher safe :)!
$8.90 Leatherman Style tool: This thirteen function tool includes screwdrivers, can opener, seam ripper, wire cutters, and knife. This is a great addition to outdoor gear. Slide this tool into its high quality carrying case (included) and take it with you anywhere. The Macgyver of knifes!!
$31.67 Goal Zero Rock Out Speakers: Take these speakers with you on any outdoor trek.  Providing hours of high quality sound, you can attach this speaker box to your bike, pack, or climbing harness.  Don't worry, it's weather resistant.  Simply plug it into the audio jack of your sound device and enjoy.
$13.99 The Solar Flashlight uses advanced solar technology that collects power from any light source, indoor lighting or sun light, and stores it for later use. Leave it out during the day and have plenty of light when needed. This 7 LED flashlight is perfect any 72 hour kit or in the home for everyday use.

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