Saturday, November 17, 2012

Count Down to Black Friday: Day 6

It looks like ALL THRIVE will be on sale Black Friday weekend, until SUPPLIES LAST!  Now is the time to stock up on the things you need for the year.  THRIVE is a great Christmas gift. It's what I am giving and getting this year :)!!  Shelf Reliance also has great emergency/camping supplies and great storing supplies.

The Harvest 72 rotating shelf, is one of the most popular shelves! And at $'s a great deal, I wish I got mine for that price...dang-it!  If you don't have the space, the Harvest Under the Bed is cool too!  The Cansolidators, I have FOUR of them they are fabulous!! Don't over look the emergancy/camping supplies, there are some great things there. If you go on to the website you will be able to read more info about all of them!! 

There are some great deals, I just love everything on this page, I was going to highlight a few...but I am having a hard time picking just a few.  I love the powdered eggs and the instant milk.  It taste just like milk! I'll buy it off ya if you don't like it!! I love the mushrooms, and the bell peppers and the zucchini.  I love the cheeses...they actually joke!  Passion fruit yogurt bite, oh my! Delicious! Brownies...YUM...just add water and they are ready in just minutes! THRIVE Express pack is great if you just want to try them all! It makes them less the $6 each and they generally serve 3-4! That's like $1.50 a serving...again, beats fast food!

The sale is while supplies last so get your orders to me early and I will hook you up.  
Or you can go on to my -> Black Friday Website <- Friday morning and shop away!

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