Thursday, November 15, 2012

Count Down to Black Friday: Day 8

The mini series on where to start: Veggies

Well since we talked about fruit yesterday today we will talk about our veggies.  Vegetables provide essential vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need! They also provide great flavor to our meals! Don't forget the veggies.  Some of my most favorite Shelf Reliance veggies are the green chili's, onions (no more tears :)!!!), sweet corn (it is oh so sweet!), green beans (they taste just like fresh!), bell peppers...just to name a few.  

The veggies are so convenient, they are washed, chopped and ready to go.  All you have to do is throw some in your soup or you casserole or soak them in warm water for a bit and they are ready to go!

Making your own prepared meals is another ways to save you money and a ton of time.  Think about those busy basketball practice nights or dance nights, Thrive beats the drive through any day!  You can have meals prepared for those busy night.  Just take your favorite chili recipe or stew recipe and stick it in a mason jar and save it for a busy day!  You will have a healthy hearty meal done in no time.  And you can have the piece of mind knowing exactly  what's in your meal.
If you have ever heard of Chef Tess, she has some great meals in a jar ideas!! Check her out! She's got breakfast ideas, desserts, soups...etc. She's thought of it all! What a great baby shower gift!!

Chili: Meat, beans, onions, celery and all your seasonings.
 Looking for a veggie deal? 
Here is another unadvertised special, it's 272 servings for $67.25, drum roll please!!!
This deal is while supplies last...
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