Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Count Down to Black Friday: Day 9

The mini series on where to start: Fruity-tootie

On the food plate (I guess is what we are calling it these days) my favorite section is the fruit section. I love that little section.  I could eat that all day long.  Peaches, mango apples, strawberries, raspberries etc...I love it all. I can't think of a fruit I don't like.  Starfruit. Oh starfruit, is actually pretty gross, ok so maybe just one fruit I don't like!

So far, of all the THRIVE fruit I have tried, I have absolutely loved it.  I'm currently chomping away on some THRIVE blackberries.  Berries are one thing I miss all winter long. I walked by my can of blackberries this week and had to open them up...they are great.
THRIVE has a few different options when buying fruit.  Everyone always asks what's the cheapest way to stock up on freeze dried fruit? The answer is to find the Unadvertised Specials! This is a special they are currently running (while supplies last).  This is 262 servings of fruit for $118, so if you do the math that comes to .45/serving!  I always do the math, it makes it sound way better :)! Right? Doesn't forty-five cents roll of the tongue so much nicer than one-hundred and eighteen bucks!? I'm kidding, I do the math because this is free-dried, you can't compare freeze dried per pound to fresh fruit per pound.  So you have to break it down per serving!
There's other packages, there's one that is a mixed berry package, it's 6, #10 cans for $175.  I bought a 3 month supply fruit package, it came with 12 cans of fruit for $320.  But I did a party and earned it for half price...that comes to just .30/serving!  The bigger the better right?  I always try and stick with the packages, you really do save!  
Of course items can be purchased one at a time.  When something you want comes on the monthly specials that's a great time to stock up!  If you are not already a member of the Q-Club that's a great way to get freeze dried, healthy food on a budget. It's worth looking into.

In case you missed day one of this mini series: Where's My Water? 

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