Monday, November 12, 2012

How to earn free product this month

I'm new, I'm Inexperienced and wish I had more time to plan but, I'm just gonna go with it...

How can you earn free food from THRIVE this month, you ask?

There's a big Black Friday sale coming with Shelf Reliance. I hear it is the event of the year with 20%-50% off all kinds of things. Shelving, emergency & first aid supplies and food. They of course are not going to leak the info till Thanksgiving day ;)!!

Here is how YOU can earn some free products:

You can "host" a party. (That's in quotations because there's no time to actually have a party. You don't have enough time to invite and plan...etc!) How you "host" a party is:
  1. Send out a little email to your friends and family telling them about this event. 
  2. When the flier comes out you then email them the flier and follow up with them.
  3. Then there is nothing more that you have to do except sit back and make your wish list!!!
When they decide what they want, they call or email me and say my friend (insert your name here!) told me about this sale and I'd like to order...then their order gets shipped right to their door. There is no need for your friends and family to live anywhere near you, their order gets shipped right to them! Even easier they can go on to my website and order right from there, I just need to know that they are a friend of yours!  Their order then gets credited to your "party"! You then earn 10% of their order and your order towards *free product. 
(* your free product can't not be from the Black Friday sale because they are heavily discounted, your free items are always based on the retail price of an item.)

Doesn't get any easier does it?

I realize if you haven't been to a THRIVE food demonstration it might be hard to tell your friends about our product.  They are more then welcome to email me, text me, call me...heck, come over and try stuff (if you're local)!! There are links on this blog they can check out.  They can also go onto and read reviews on the products.  And they guarantee  EVERYTHING! If you are not happy with the product they will refund you! 
**(Remember if you just go onto the regular Shelf Reliance website you will not be looking at the lowest prices.  To get the lowest prices, you have to go to a consultant website...preferable mine of course :)!!)

Who to "invite":
grandparents, parents, aunt, cousins and uncles and their dog (yes they sell emergency dog food, I'm not joking!)
Remember THRIVE is great for food storage because of it's 30 year shelf life, but it is also great for everyday.  I use my THRIVE on a daily bases, it's fast, it's convenient and it's healthy (don't tell the kids)!!

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