Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Specials

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I'm such a nerd, I check several times a days to see if specials are out, I just can't wait to see what's on sale!  I have to say, I'm excited about Fuji's because those are one of my favorites!  With the Granny Smith's at only $17.09, I might have to order a can of those as well!

Quinoa is becoming very popular these days and I ordered that so if anyone has any good recipes please comment below, I need some ideas...I ordered a 6 pack!!

The Thrive Express' are always a good and quick thing to add to your home store, they only come to be $1.35/serving for the Chowder and about $1.50 for the Southwest Chicken!  Cheaper than fast food...just a thought.

The Pantry shelf is on sale, that is a great size if you need something a little smaller to fit in your pantry or smaller closet! I know I LOVE my Harvest 72, I am loving filling it up too! It's such a good feeling!

Please contact me if you need help ordering any specials this month or if you just have any questions!!

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