Monday, November 26, 2012

The Polls Are Open!

A couple of friends asked if maybe we could do some group orders. Ordering in large quantities is always a money saver.  But not everyone needs 2,592 serving of eggs all at once...the reason for our last group order.  If you want to be part of a group order (you must be local, because it ships to me!**) let me know.  There was just 20 of us that ordered last month but we can open it up to a few more.

I'm taking a poll to see what people are looking for.  Do you need to stock up on more fruits and veggies? Or would you rather have chopped chicken or yogurt?  I personally have been working on my water supply this month and just ordered a 55 gallon water barrel.  We can order these in bulk too (different package than pictured in that link).

I didn't list a specific yogurt, fruit or vegetable because we will have to wait to see the specials for that month.

I  have decided to wait to do the next group order until January to give our wallets a break from Christmas ;)! But we can start the voting today...if you are local and want in ;) vote away!

(**To my out of state customers: If you are interested in earning a few free products by heading up your own group orders please contact me.  It is easy to head up and your friends will love you :). Contact me at kelli.thrive @

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