Saturday, December 29, 2012

$8 for a gallon of milk at the store?

Dear customers and friends,

The fiscal cliff is looming and the economy is shaky, at best.  In fact, as I watched the news last night, a new problem called the "Dairy Cliff"  was explained.  Did you know that if the fiscal cliff is not avoided, the price of Dairy products could double to $8-9 a gallon of milk?  The following articles explain the reasons why:

However, my email today isn't to scare you or cause worry, but to suggest that we all make a New Year's Resolution to get a little bit more prepared this year!  I'm thankful that my family has a year supply of instant milk that we can rely on if the price of milk does sky rocket! If it does go up, we can ride out the high prices. using milk that tastes great, until the prices even out again!

Food storage isn't just for major catastrophes!  Economically, it just makes sense!

If you don't have a supply of Instant Milk, and you're worried about the possibility of milk doubling in price, feel free to put in an order before the end of the year!  It doesn't hurt to be prepared for the worst! Here is a link to our instant milk:  MILK (   You can order online or give me a call!

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