Monday, February 18, 2013

My kindergartener's Idea...and a great one!

My kids and I love husband...not so much.  We make lots of popcorn while he's at work. 

Well the other day, we popped some popcorn and I had bought some White Cheddar Popcorn Seasoning to throw on top!  I was reluctant to buy it because is was around $4 for this tiny 2 oz bottle! 

Well I hated didn't stick to the popcorn.  I had to drizzle a pound of butter over it to get it to stick.  Which defeated my purpose for buying the seasoning in the first place. 

Then my smarty pants kindergartener says, mom why don't you just use you Thrive cheesy stuff? OH DUH! That was more powdery and it stuck right to fresh popcorn without all the butter!

Much Better :)! I'm so happy I have kids to tell me what to do!

Ok quick math cuz you know me...I like to do that math, it gives me warm fuzzies!
Popcorn Seasoning from the grocery store: $2 an oz.
Thrive Cheese Blend: .48 an oz.

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