Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cheesy Chicken and Wild Rice "lick the pan, GOOD" Casserole

photo from the Picky Plate
There is a blog I love called the Plicky Palate and she has an amazing recipe called, Cheesy Chicken & Wild Rice.  But somewhere in that big title should be lick the pan, GOOD! Cuz it's so good, you're gonna wanna lick that pan! This is a family favorite and last night I made it using Thrive's Cheese Blend! It was a big win! My picky eaters loved it and so did I!  No grating cheese? Yes please :)

Instead of 2 cups shredded cheese I substituted only 1/2 cup cheese blend...yes you read that right, only a 1/2 cup!! I did some research and decided that is all I needed.  Ok and maybe a little trial and error too!  I just didn't believe a half cup would go that far...oops!  

I just bought a case of Cheese Blend and figured it's just .53/per serving!!  Not bad since so little goes a long way!  I have used it to make mac n cheese and I have sprinkled it over popcorn...BIG fan of that! I heart Cheese Blend :)! Add it to your Q today :)!   

Other Thrive foods you could use with this recipe: Carrots, Onions, Rice and Chicken 

You will want to Pin this recipe so here is her link:
Cheesy Chicken & Wild Rice Casserole

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