Thursday, March 28, 2013

Joining the Thrive Life

I'm looking to expand my team.  So far it's kinda lonely, it's just me and my amazing soon to be sister-in-law.  We need more people!!
Why do I want to build my team?  Why does anyone want to be part of a team:
  • You help motivate each other!!
  • You push each other!
  • You help each other up when we are down!
  • You help each other achieve personal goal!!
  • You help each other do better!!
And the BIGGEST reason is because you just need someone to talk "shop" with!!!! I think my husband is a little tired of listening to me talk about Thrive.  I've tried to talk to my kids, but the word Thrive comes out of my mouth and instant moneing and rolling of eyes accures...yeah I need "teammates"!!

Who is looking to:
  • Work mostly from home?
  • Meet new friends (yes I have made some new friends!! Who I kinda like ;) !!)?
  • Work for an amazing and loving company?
  • Get paid while working on building your own home store?
  • Get paid to help your friends and family build their home store?
I would love to have a few teammates!!  With just me and my amazing soon to be sister-in-law, it's kinda lonely.  We need some more teammates to push us! I do well when I have someone to hold me accountable for my work.  I do well when I compete with someone to obtain goals!! 
This video is kind-a cheesy...but it's a good one.  I remember watching it when I first started and it helped me see how easy it really can be to be a consultant!!  Join my team!!

FYI: Thrive Life has no quotas you have to meet! I mean none, you set you're own goals and you are responsible for yourself and no one has any say in how much you sell! You're on your own if you want to do parties, or conventions or just sell to your friends and family!  It's kinda nice being your own boss!  The only requirement is that you have an active Q, which who wouldn't want to be on the Q? Yeah I don't know is the greatest thing ever! The starter kit is $199 and comes with enough food to get ya through your first few parties! You can read about what comes in the starter pack and commissions here!!

And best part of'd get to work with me :)!! Luck YOU!
If you want to read more about why I joined the Trhive Life click here!

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