Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mystery Host...who will the lucky winner be?!?!

Come for GREAT PRIZES!!! And a chance to be the MYSTERY HOST!!
(prizes and mystery host will be selected in a drawing on the night of the second event, you do not have to be present to claim your prize!)

I have heard more than once, "I have some Thrive products but I'm afraid to try them" or "I'm just not sure how to cook with them now"!  So I am going to put together some recipes and show you how to cook with these products.  How to use them in your everyday cooking.  How to substitute them for your fresh products.  I welcome new ideas too, if you would like to share! If you have never even sampled anything this is a good event for you too, I will have lots of samples!
  • Do you have Thrive products and now your looking for ideas?
  • Do you want a chance to win free products?
  • Are you looking for healthier snack options & would like more info about Thrive?
  • Are you wanting to try ONE little thing (emergency supplies or food!) but don't want to pay full price shipping?
  • Have you tried an amazing recipe using Thrive that you want to share?
*If you answered yes to any of the above...I'm having an event for you!!!!

There will be TWO events, you will want to be at one of them!! I promise you will not be sorry you came:  
  • Tuesday, APRIL 9TH @7 &
  • Wednesday, APRIL 10TH @7
I will talk NO MORE THAN 30 minutes, but will be around till 9 to answer all your questions!

THE BEST PART...PRIZES: To be entered into the drawing you must RSVP, here (if you do not have Facebook you can comment below and RSVP and let me know you are not on Facebook) and yes, come :) to the event! But here is how you can get additional entries into the drawing:
1-Share the event on your Facebook wall (comment below that you have done so!) (one entry)
2-Bring a friend (sure, your spouse can be your "friend"!) (one entry per friend)
3-Bring a GOOD recipe that you have actually TRIED with Thrive. (one entry)
4-Host a party at your house!! (one entry)

5-"like" Shelf Reliance with Kelli Edson on Facebook (comment below that you have done so!) (one entry)

Prizes will be:

**Pouch of FD Strawberries, FD Fuj apples or green beans (5 winners)**

**Thrive Cookbook by Kelsey Nixon (1 winner)**

**50% off a $100 purchase (1 winner & shipping rates apply)**

**GRAND PRIZE: The mystery host!!! The mystery host will receive 10% in free product from any orders from this event. I will "open" the event for orders up on April 1 and close it on the 15th. Any orders in those days will apply!! (shipping rates do apply)**

Please comment below on what products you want to try or want to know how to use. Please let me know what you need.  This event is for you to learn and me to teach
  • Do you want to know how to grind wheat? 
  • Use tomato powder? 
  • Rehydrate the meat and veggies for a casserole?
  • How to use powdered eggs? 
  • You name it...I'll figure it out :)!!

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