Wednesday, May 29, 2013

June is here and so is a new sale!

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June is almost here and here's what up for sales! If you missed out on the Water Filtration Pump Sale a couple months ago...IT'S BACK!! I got mine and some extra filters to go with it :)!!

Berries...I love Thrive berries, there are a fabulous healthy snacks.

Ground Beef, Peas and Mushrooms great in soups and sauces!!

Ham TVP, I'll quote my kids on this one, "Thrive makes the best fake-o-bacos ever!!" They're just like the bacon bits you buy at the super market, they are good on top of salad and soups!
I love instant beans.  How Thrive makes instant beans...they cooked beans and then freeze dry them, making it easy for you to rehydrate them in just a few minutes instead of a few hours! They can even just be soaked in hot water for about 10 mins if you are wanting to save energy or fuel!  I love all the instant beans!

Sugar...who doesn't need sugar that has a shelf life of 30 years & with a guarantee of no bugs getting in it!

Simply Peach and Garden Fresh Veggies...I haven't tried, but I'm sure are great!

ICE-CREAM! I think they had Father's Day in mind when they came up with this months Q-pon.  These are really good.  No you do not rehydrate them...they come in little square bars, you just eat them as a snack just like that! They are amazing!

Thrive Smart Start 200, what's that you ask? They use to have a Smart Start that I didn't really love, I never recommended it to anyone when they would ask me about it, I just didn't think it was the best pick of things, however, now the new Smart Start is kind a great...I'd recommend it to my own mother! It's especially great if you are just starting out and kind of want to try a little bit of everything! It's 66 Thrive products in 3, $200 shipments.  You will also get a recipe book to help you cook with all your fun new products!  Here's what you get in your 3 shipments...

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