Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August Specials

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If I had to pick my 3 favorite items it would be Sausage Crumbles, Scrambled Eggs and Passionfruit Yogurt Bites!  Those along with corn are the things I use the most.  I love the sausage in eggs on pizza and in soups.  They are a great flavor and so stickin' easy!!  Scrambled eggs I just think are amazing because they never stop wowing me :)!! I make them and I don't understand how they fluff up and look like you just cracked it out of a shell.  It's amazing!! AND they happen to taste fabulous! When I make them for a party, no one can ever believe they started as a powder!!  Yogurt Bites are just yummy!! I love to snack on them.  They are my candy!!

The Q-Pon of the month is corn.  Corn is so good dried and cooked! I use it in salsa, soups and stews!  They are so yummy my niece asked Santa for them last year :)!!  The corn is fabulous and at just over $14 it's time to stock up!

As far as emergency supplies, I have the QuickFire stove and I think it's great because it's small but works great!  The Fuel Reserve pack is the replacement discs for the stove.  Here is the info on the each puck:

• Made of cedar and highly refined paraffin wax
• Easy to light, with 30–45 minute burn time
• Will boil water in under 5 minutes
• Perfect for cooking and starting fires
• Great emergency heat/fuel source for any conditions
• Non-toxic for indefinite storage
• Can be extinguished and re-lit
• Easily broken into smaller pieces for shorter burn times
• Puck dimensions: 1” tall x 4” diameter (3.5 oz)

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