Monday, November 4, 2013

November Specials

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Potato Beads are this months Q-Pon and for only $11.59 that is a great deal for those Thanksgiving Day mashed totoes!  I'll highlight the Edson's two favorite things here...Instant Milk and Whole Egg Powder.  This instant milk it great for when you don't want to run to the store and your running low on milk!!  With it's shockingly great taste your kids won't complain a bit!! Whole Egg Power is amazing too! I use them in all my baking!!  For example when I am making cookies, I toss the powdered eggs in with all the dry ingredients and then when I add the wet ingredients I add the water that the eggs call for.  No need to reconstitute prior to adding them to your mix!!  I guess I'll add I did use my Sour Cream Powder this week too and I was so grateful I had it on hand.  I was making Chef Tod's Enchiladas and when I opened up the fridge to pull out my sour cream I realized it was empty! So I pulled out my Thrive Sour Cream and it worked out great! Our dinner guests where so impressed with my Enchiladas I had to print the recipe off from him!!
I think the 14 in 1 ready tool is pretty cool too...perfect for the man who already has everything :)!! Think Christmas! It's just around the corner!  You know what else is just around the corner is Black Friday and Thrive celebrates just like everyone else!! I will keep you all posted on the never fails to disappoint!!

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