Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Tale of Tuscan Chicken...

I wish I was a budgeter...but I'm not.  My philosophy on budgeting is, don't spend money and you wont run out!! My kids don't particularly love this philosophy and maybe neither does my husband!! He bought me a $50 Target gift card for my birthday, do you want to know what I bought?  Toothpaste (In my defense, we were almost OUT!), baby sheets (baby #5 is due in June and I had no bedding!), diapers and wipes ( coming in JUNE! Don't judge me!).

But anyway I wish I was a budgeter so I could see if I really am saving money by using Thrive! Yeah, I actually do use Thrive on a regular basis because I love it. I love that it's so healthy, I love that my kids can have non-GMO, MSG free snacks like Fuji Apples and yogurt bites whenever and wherever we are! When I run out of milk, eggs, celery or onions I go to my pantry and pull out a can! I currently have in my pantry, 28 opened cans of fruit, veggies, proteins & dairy that I use on a regular basis! (Technically I don't run out of onions, I don't buy them at the store anymore, ever. Why buy them when you can have already chopped tear free onions that are bursting with flavor!?!?!? Seriously folks STOP BUYING FRESH ONIONS!) But I have no idea how much I spend on food or spent on food prior to June 2012 when I started with Thrive!

I hear people say all the time how much money they are saving by using Thrive.  Not that I didn't believe them but I was thinking, they must mean cuz they ate out a lot and now they're cooking at home.  Or they must mean cuz they aren't wasting food any more. And in my mind I'm thinking, we rarely eat out and I never waste food, I don't waste anything, I AM frugal (in case you haven't gotten that yet)!!  But I heard it again and again this weekend from other consultants and they weren't just talking about wasting and eating out, they were actually talking about saving money on their grocery budget since they started using their Thrive home store.

Steve Palmer (Thrive, Co-Founder) told us a story about a friend who lost her job.  She had heard that using Thrive would help her grocery bill so she decided to put it to the test. Her current grocery budget was $200-250 a week.  She decided to sign up for a $200 a month Q budget.  She quickly noticed her grocery bills going down and figured out she was saving $200-250 a month on groceries!!
WOW!!! That means she was saving $2,000-$3,000 a year on food...seriously? That amazed me.

Then another story, one I could really relate to because I too want to save not only money, but time and want to cook healthier for my family, was a story by Amber Pearce. Amber Pearce is, another Thrive Life Consultant, she liked the tale of the two nanas and made her own little tale about her favorite meal, Tuscan Chicken! She loved to make it but it took her 40 mins to make!
  • She put thrive to the test and made the same meal in half the time!
  • In 1 year of preparing this meal 1x a week she'd save 18 hours of time.
  • 3x a week=54 hrs saved/yr
  • 6x a week=108 hrs saved/yr

  •  When she bought fresh ingredients for Tuscan chicken she ended up wasting 25% of those ingredients, or $2.05 for 1 meal.
  • she realized she could save $106.60 in one year if she eliminated the waste for just 1 meal a week.
  • She decided to swap out fresh for Thrive in at least 7 out of 21 meals a week and in 1 year saved $746.20.

  • She was going to run to the store but realized she had everything she needed to make Tuscan Chicken in her Home Store.
  • She saved another $3.00 in gas from not having to go to the store (she had a 14 mile drive round trip to the store)
  • She also didn't make her usual $10 impulse purchases  (K, I would have sent my husband to the store and his impulse buys are way more than $10...just saying!)
  • She saved $1352 in one year just by eliminating 2 quick trips to the store a week.

  • She was going to pick up some take-out, then she remembered she could whip up a much healthier meal from her Home Store in about 15-20 minutes. She knew eating out is 2-3x the cost (and calories!!) of eating at home!
  • She eliminated eating out ($50) once a month and saved $600 in one year. (And I think that is being super conservative, who only eats out once a month!?!??!)
  • $746-no waste from 7 meals a week
  • $1352- Skipping 2 grocery trips a week
  • $600- Skipping eating out 1x a month
  • $2698 total savings from using Thrive...that's $224.83 a month she saved on her grocery bill!
OK I think I get it now, I really will save just straight across the board.  But I will say one thing I have NOT bought because I thought, 30 bucks for a can of raspberries...that's dang expensive! I'm not buying those. Well Debbie Abbot maybe had a similar thought and went to the store and bought a 10 oz. jar of Smuckers Red Raspberry Preserves for $3.59. She made her own red raspberry freezer jam using Thrives raspberries and it cost her $2.83 for an 8 oz jar...what? Homemade jam from Thrive Raspberries is cheaper than Smuckers!?!? Who knew :)?

OK, OK, now I get it!! Thrive IS saving me money...I guess another reason I love it!

Save time & money without compromising health and nutrition.


  1. Great article! I, too have not done the actual breakdown of savings, but I do know that I go to the store less often and there's hardly anything in my cart anymore because there's good, better food in my Home Store. The time savings are a no-brainer for me. I never used to have time to cook, but with Thrive, it's easy. Who doesn't love a 15 minute healthy meal? :) I totally agree on the onions! My favorite Thrive product. No more crying!

    1. I know huh...onions, are a no-brainer purchase :)!!

  2. I have been using and buying thrive food for 2 1/2 years. But only this past month have I started USING it in my meal prep and cooking with it all the time. I have decided to only buy the fresh things I need like milk, eggs, and cheese(although in a pinch I can use thrive for those too) and to change my Q to 300 a month and just cook with thrive as much as possible. I am SOOOOOO excited about this mind switch I have done. I KNOW I am already saving money because I have gone to the store less and less. In fact I almost can't get the thrive in my house fast enough. I was at the grocery store the other day and almost started crying because I was so sick of all the junk and waste that happens from shopping there. (I know that sounds dramatic, but I HATE grocery shopping...with a passion!) I hate being dependent on a store, and I LOVE having my own home store. It may seem expensive at first, but it will change your life when you start using it. It did mine. Oh, and here is another fun kids get healthy yummy snacks, and THEY cook! I love that it brings my family close together for meal time and we have so much fun. So, yes. I am saving money, time and building a better team in my home. I will never go back!

    1. Amy that gave me goosebumps!! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing your story, I love not having to run to the store to grab some celery or milk, isn't it awesom! Yeah it's kind of empowering to have my very own store in my home!!