Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Tale of Two Bananas

Did you know, green beans, can lose up to 52% of ther vitamin C within 2 days of being picked?
Did you know flash frozen spinach can have 6X more Vitamin A that store-bought spinach?
Did you know Flash Frozen blueberries can have up to 40% more calcium than store-bought blueberries?

At Thrive Convention this weekend I learned a ton...I feel like my brain is just throwing around all these great  thrive facts and I need to get them out on paper!  We had Dr. Martin Pederson come and talk to us about the benefits of Freeze Dried food.  He said he has been in the nutrition industry for 35 years and has falling in love with Thrive.  He said 65% of Americans suffer from some form of vitamin deficiency and one of our biggest complaints is we don't have enough energy.  He said we can find energy in fruits and veggies but we just don't always get them all in in our busy day and that's why he loves the high quality, great taste and high nutritional value of Thrive Life.

Thrive has always promised to offer premium, high quality products.  They do physical property testing often, their food has no additives, no preservatives, is NON-GMO and MSG free.  They always make sure all the certification for allergies are being met and up to date.

But this was my favorite part...

A Tale of Two Bananas, Which is "fresher",  the banana sitting on your counter or a can of THRIVE Banana slices?

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