Monday, September 22, 2014

A Host Win-Win!!!

Because of this sweet thing, I have kind of been on hiatus! But I'm BACK and booking parties!  I'm super excited to get back to partyin' especially because October is an awesome month to party!

Get Extra Free Product when You Host a Party

From now through October, you’ll get extra free product when you host a Thrive Life party! When you submit a host benefit order with a party total of at least $200, we’ll add a FREE pantry can of our new Greek Yogurt Bites to your other free and half-off product. But that’s not all: if your party total is $1,000+, you’ll get the first month’s pack of A Taste of THRIVE (a $128 retail value) FREE!

Hosting a Thrive Life party is easy, fun, and gets you lots of great free and half-price product. And now through the end of October, you’ll get even more when you host, so contact me today to get your party scheduled!

And if you're thinking yeah but $1,000 is hard, it's not.  My last party, only 3 people showed up and the party total was $1200, and yes that's totally normal party total for a small party!

Already hosted a party? Do another! I'm sure you had interested friends that couldn't make it! I'm sure you have new friends, co-workers, neighbors that would love to come! Even guests of your last party know how great it is...chances are they wouldn't love to come again to see all the new products :)!!

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