Wednesday, January 21, 2015

See how to earn over $600 in gifts and credit!!!

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Have you ever thought, maybe for just a minute to be a Thrive Life consultant? Well FEBRUARY is the best time to join the Thrive team...

Why not get paid to sell a great product? Why not earn great prizes (see below) for doing well? Why not make money off not only your own purchases, but your neighbors and friends?  Are you a Q-Club member, why not get paid for your own Q?  Why not make a couple extra $100 bucks to pay for that camp your kids have been asking to go to or that sport they've been dieing to try or the hobby you've been dieing to try!?!?

I'm looking for a fun team.  Mostly for selfish reasons...I've been working at the business by myself for some time now and it's getting lonely.  I ask other consultants how they keep going and stay motivated and they all say the same thing, "My team is so fun, we make goals together, we go to conferences together..." So I'm a search for my fun team!

So if Thrive is ever on your mind, give me a call, February is a great month to start with Thrive with their big changes!! Click here to see the big changes and how to earn over $600 in gifts and credit for building your business in your first 100 days as a consultant! And see the image below for bonus!! Thrive knows how to take care of their consultants. 

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