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Are you interested in hosting a Thrive Party? I look forward to showing you and your guests all that Thrive has to offer. We are always grateful for individuals who are willing to open up their homes to showcase the many wonderful Shelf Reliance products. In order to thank you for hosting a party, we have designed a fantastic Host Benefits Program that rewards hosts with exclusive promotions and programs. 
What Do I Receive?
These are the benefits you receive as a host:
Free product
Get 10% of the total sales from your party, with no minimum sales requirement. For instance, if your party sales total is $800, you will receive $80 in free product at retail price.

Half off products For example, if your party total is $800, you will be able to purchase $150 worth of product at half off the retail price (so you’ll get $150 in product for only $75).

Extra Savings
Another $100 in half off product for every party that’s booked at your party.

Double Dip
A promotion that allows guests to count the amount of their purchase at a party toward their own party if they decide to host, in addition to counting toward your party total! 

Triple Q Benefits
Multiply the product total of every first Q shipment by 3 when adding it to your party total, because customers agree to stay on the Q for 3 months at their chosen budget.

 THRIVE: save time and money without compromising health and nurtition

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