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I'm guessing your here because a great friend of yours loves Thrive and wants to share the excitement with you! Sometimes we just don't have time to party! Our lives are busy and that's the reason for my "Virtual Party"! One down side of a Virtual Party is you don't get to taste the amazing quality of Thrive. The yumminess of the pineapple and the crisp deliciousness of a Fuji Apples...mmmm! Thrive only picks the TOP freeze dried products.  If it doesn't meet their high standard of taste, they don't use it! They will only send you the highest quality of product!

Here is a video from another great consultant, Rachel Mano! Sorry...I have yet to record myself at a party :)!

Again I wish you could taste to goodness of this product.  It's amazing!  I have yet to have an unsatisfied customer and Thrive stands behind every one of their products, 100%!  You can return anything you don't absolutely love! Heck, I'll buy it off ya, if you don't love it :), honest!

To support your friend's party today go to this link and sign up for the Q or shop-> Shop here! (to guarantee that your friend gets credit for your order, make sure at the very top of the website where it says Consultation: make sure it says Kelli Edson) Or you come give your order to your friend that sent you here or you can call me with your order.  Either way, your friend will get credit for you order!! (If you have further questions about the Q please email me or ask your friend, chances are they are ON THE Q!)

Do you also want to get credit for your order? A great way to taste product and earn some free product it host a party at your home.  The order you make today will benefit you AND your friend.  It's a great program called the Double Dip! I would love to come and have a food demo for you and your friends!  Hosts earn 10%-30% of the party totals...most party total around $1,500-$2,000! That's a lot of free stuff for you!!

Email me today to book a party!

Thanks, Kelli Edson
kelli.thrive @

 Thrive has always tried to be the premier source of healthy, convenient and cost efficient's a food revolution!

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